PKCC Junior Cricket Vision and Strategy


The Vision for the Juniors of PKCC is to develop a deep and long lasting love for the game of cricket through the provision of an inclusive, nurturing and fun environment in which to learn the basic skills of the game and to pursue this by playing cricket in a supportive yet competitive environment to the best of each individual’s ability.


PKCC prides itself on its 100yr history. We are keen to build on our history and work to ensure your club is one you feel very much a part of and your sons and daughters will feel as much pride as they do in state or national teams.

In order to achieve our vision we aim to provide an environment for all players whether they are involved in Junior Blasters, Master Blasters, Junior competitions or Girls competitions to develop to the best of their abilities.  

  • We provide appropriate age based coaching and development.  
  • We provide pathways for development into senior cricket for those that choose to extend their cricket beyond the junior ranks.  
  • We provide a club framework that aims to recognise the contribution of the many volunteers that make our club work.

Our goal is to build a true spirit of comradery, a Club spirit and an opportunity for the boys and girls to meet new friends.  We want to develop young cricketers, support their teams and families and build teams of the future.

Club Structure

Port Kembla Cricket Club. We are unique in that we are an integrated club encompassing senior and junior cricket under a single committee of management.  This offers our players significant benefit as they learn and improve their cricket.

  • Junior games are held under the control of the Illawarra Cricket Association and Junior players may feature in various aged based ICA teams in the NSW Country Cricket representative competitions. 
  • Senior games are held under the control of the Illawarra Cricket Association.
Club Administration

The Committee aims to be representative of all Junior players and parents by consisting of members having involvement across the range of player ages

Some of the key goals for the Junior Committee are:
  • To increase the level of participation of boys and girls in junior cricket across all age groups:
  • To improve the level of enjoyment of junior cricket by providing support for teams in the form of information, coaching assistance and education for parents, coaches, players and managers.
  • To increase the competency and confidence of junior coaching by providing training and education to coaches through skill based sessions with specialist coaches and assistance to gain at least a CA level 1 Coaching qualifications as required.
  • To provide a clear pathway for PKCC juniors to move through the playing and representative ranks and where appropriate on to Grade cricket.

Coaching and Development

All coaches and managers are parents who volunteer their time to coach your son and manage your child's team.  We ask you respect the time and effort they are putting in as volunteers.

We encourage every team to set up a weekly training time in conjunction with your team manager and team parents. 

  • Regular training sessions are designed to help your child build team spirit and to help develop the important skills needed to contribute to the team's overall success.
  • Volunteer coaches can provide a solid basic training; not one on one specialist training.
  • If you feel your child requires more support or training, the Club strongly recommends private coaching.
  • Senior Club players are available to assist and the club maintains a list of private coaches.
  • Some teams may, with the consensus of all parents, engage a paid coach.  We have senior players who are happy to coach mid-week as well as a list of private coaches. This is an option and is not compulsory!  Your coach or manager will email you before the season with any information.